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Top 10 Critical Data Security Questions You Need to Ask Your IT Department Now

Is your business a sitting duck for hackers who want to steal your corporate data and customer information? Here are the top 10 critical data security questions to ask your IT Department to determine your vulnerability to a cyberattack.

  • When was the last time you updated your network security software including malware and anti-virus software?
  • Is your company Wi-Fi system secure?
  • Have you conducted a company security audit in the last six months?
  • Do you immediately disconnect a fired or disgruntled employee from access to your company database and do deep background checks on new employees?
  • Do you store and secure hard drives from old PCs and servers so they do not get into the wrong hands?
  • Do you encrypt your data and use multi-level passwords on your database?
  • Are you aware some insurance companies will lower premiums if you have secure data and a protected database?
  • Are you compliant with all your industry’s compliance requirements?
  • Do you know how to determine if your data system has been infected or hacked?
  • Are your firewalls up and current and do you have a disaster plan in case cyber criminals break into your digital ‘vault’ and empty out your data and confidential information?
  • …and one extra, Is all of your crucial data backed up every day?

If you want more information on how to use these questions to keep your data safe contact BIS Computer Solutions.