Maximize your profits by utilizing technology for managing your driver routes on a daily basis. Routes can be optimized to maximize customer service or minimize drive distance or time or blend these approaches. Add calmness to the dispatching process.


Route Management & Accounting (RMA) will provides a more accurate method of managing route deliveries and related accounting functions.

Mobile BIS Route Accounting (RA) The application is capable of providing real time information to businesses regarding overall route and operations management. This information is available locally as well as via the mobile client software. Triggered event notification is key as it provides a method of notifying business management and route drivers based on changes in specific metrics like such as real time route stop additions, inventory levels, missed route stops, etc. and receipts.

Even when the drivers are not able to connect to the home office, Disconnected mode access is important to route drivers as drivers still have access to the most current information for their deliveries, current routes stops to be fulfilled most efficient routing to delivery sites and more since the mobile units do not require data connectivity.  Programs are stored in the units and data is automatically synched with the server database whenever the driver is in range for data transmission. Route drivers can input information into the mobile terminal using even when they are disconnected access. When users are in range of network connectivity to the back office systems, the mobile client automatically synchronizes data with the central data store. There are parameters in the application that establish rules for sending data back to the central data repository to update business information at the central location. The mobile unit client is also capable of receiving text messages and real time updates to conditions as needed.

The Optimized Routing extensionsolution (ORS) can takes each driver’s starting location and plot against customer location data stored in the database to calculate routing for the drivers each day. It is aware of the type of vehicle, starting locations, route sequencing and related items needed to generate routes. The ORS software This capability tells each driver where to go first, leveraging Google Latitudes data. It compares the actual route and compares to the suggested route based on the starting location. It is capable of adjusting the route schedule in real time, due to changing conditions (i.e. inoperable vehicle, driver goes home ill, etc….). The ORS software also plots actual stops made after the fact, to allow managers to analyze efficiency of their staff.

One of the biggest enhancements of ORS is business managers no longer have to set their route order in advance. The system is capable of doing this on the fly, and keeping the company vehicles and staff operating in an optimal manner.

Industries that have benefitted from this application are:

  • Rental Industries of all kinds, such as Party & Events and Equipment.
  • Food Distribution
  • Pet Industry pickup of deceased animals and urn return deliveries
  • Any operation with drivers