Integration between the backend system and the mobile devices in the warehouse equals efficiency.

The Warehouse Management System allows integration between the backend system and the mobile hand held units, wireless Mobile Units in the warehouse. Warehouse efficiency and accuracy is the goal here. Therefore, our integrated system provides the user both full screen views as well as the smaller screens used by the hand held units. Warehouse Management systems allow your staff significantly smoother work distribution for the day to day processes.

The key steps to the overall process are:

  • Receiving
  • Put-away
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Shipping
  • Physical Inventory Taking via cycle counts and/or full inventory counts


Automated Event Notification

You are automatically notified to follow-up on system requirements the system senses (like Inventory item orders that cannot be fulfilled within the stated time frame, low stock levels, etc.).

  • Automatic document routing via e-mail and fax
    Tremendous time savings to users by selecting output type: printer, fax (small monthly fee charged by third party), e-mail, XML.
  • Application Security
    BIS applications are Roles based and highly secured, starting at the application and database level, continuing down to the program level, and eventually down to the individual field level.  At the lowest level someone may see costs, while another user, with different security roles assigned, does not see that information.
  • User Defined Menus
    Each user can setup frequently utilized application programs for even quicker navigation.
  • Quick/easy Drill-down to more detailed information
    Examples include clicking on a product request recap display and system brings up the complete order itself. Move quickly both vertically and horizontally through your secured database. This is especially important when a customer is waiting on the phone or is standing in front of you for your answers.