A Little Background

The BIS Corrections Management Solution (orca2000+CMS) is an advanced, relational database-oriented information tool for managing virtually any corrections, jail or detention facility.

orca2000+CMS is a pre-programmed application suite designed to simplify jail record-keeping and provide timely and accurate information about inmate populations, facility status, and budget planning. It is designed to function as an integral part of the daily jail management routine and for use by regular jail personnel who have no special data processing skills.

Designed with today’s graphical user interface, easy to use mouse point and click technology, orca2000+CMS is the latest in “state-of-the-art” corrections management information.

BIS CMS is available on all major platforms. CMS utilizes a relational database, has been developed with a Rapid Application Development (RAD) fifth generation development tool and adheres to SQL standards, which provides for industry standard integration with numerous other systems and databases.

Access is via the internet as well, and mobile users can obtain data anywhere in the world via their wireless laptops or handhelds/smartphones.

Features and Benefits

  • UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION SUMMARIZED FOR YOU FOR EASY VIEWING including large quantities of vital data that could not be gathered or processed manually. The relational data base facilitates the timely retrieval and manipulation of large scale data bases.
  • FLEXIBLE INFORMATION FORMAT providing powerful relational ad hoc query and report generation capabilities using “English-like” language.
  • BUILT-IN SUPPORT including on-line HELP and outstanding documentation to reduce supervisory requirements. The system is self-teaching and self-documenting.
  • INTERCONNECTED INFORMATION which may automatically communicate with other integrated BIS Criminal Justice Information System software products and other crime information data bases including NCIC and other local, state, and national authorities.
  • BUILT IN VALIDATION of all data entry. Input is checked for accuracy at every step of the way, resulting in significant reduction in clerical errors.
  • EASE OF USE in moving from screen to screen via the windowing feature.
  • COMPLETELY OPEN ARCHITECTURE will never make you say “I can’t do this because I didn’t have the right technology” again.

orca2000+CMS is the quickest to learn and easiest to use information management processing system available today, providing the most extensive computer applications features in the marketplace. It delivers fully integrated performance to maximize your effectiveness and productivity and gives your jail personnel and administrators rapid access to vital and accurate information.

Accurate information at their fingertips enables them to make the most timely and effective decisions possible. BIS’ computer solutions deliver maximum efficiency, at minimum cost, with minimal disruption. Your investment is protected through our consistent dedication, past, present, and future, to the criminal justice marketplace.