The BIS RMS+Orca2000 system provides complete Law Enforcement records management for Police Departments and Sheriff’s Offices. RMS+Orca2000 is a valuable tool that assists agencies with crime prevention, criminal investigations, crime analysis, traffic reporting and analysis, and manpower utilization.

All information gathered as a result of a criminal case can be entered into the RMS+Orca2000 system and printed on agency designed forms.

A superior Master Name Index (MNI) links all persons known to RMS+Orca2000 under true name, aliases and fingerprint identifications. Master Name Index records and associated source documents can be consolidated or split in the event of erroneous initial identification. In addition, with the BIS imaging products and tools, a subject’s pictures, fingerprints or other objects can be taken and recorded via computerized imaging and tied to the Master Name Index for photo ID and lineups.

Single-step data entry and updates are provided throughout the system so that the same data in different areas of RMS+Orca2000 is entered only once. In addition, if your agency has the BIS interface module, all the state and NCIC updates for stolen property or person and vehicle wants or warrants are entered in the same manner; data is stripped from the local RMS+Orca2000 database and appropriately packaged and forwarded to the state or federal systems.

Superior features of the BIS RMS+Orca2000 system include:

  • Supports current UCR and Incident Based Reporting to the state and federal governments (NIBRS compliant)
  • Fully integrated Master Name Index linking all BIS Public Safety and Criminal Justice products.
  • Automatic Wants and Warrants notification for all persons and vehicles.
  • Multi-level security system protecting unauthorized access to RMS+Orca2000 functions, files or data fields.
  • On-line and user-modifiable Help screens and messages showing valid codes and table values.
  • RMS+Orca2000 computer generated documentation.
  • Supports multiple agencies and multiple jurisdictions through a shared Master Name Index.
  • Relational data base management complying with SQL industry standard.

RMS+Orca2000 provides advanced records keeping techniques for property and evidence tracking and compares pawned property against stolen property serial numbers and descriptions.

Criminal investigations are simplified by RMS+Orca2000′ ability to track all investigative activities and provide automatic updates to the central case file including arrest and disposition data.

RMS+Orca2000 allows agencies to track and maintain complete MO data as well as current Field Interview (FI) information for developing suspect and victim profiles and projections.

RMS+Orca2000 interfaces to BIS’ Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD/open), Mapping systems, Hand Held Ticket Writers, Laptop Crime Reporting, Mobile Data terminal and Automated Vehicle Location systems. By adding the BIS Prosecution, Courts, Probation and Corrections/Jail Management Systems, your agency can achieve fully integrated Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) which provides a single data base for law enforcement and court environments.