Utilities Complaints Tracking is a unique software application that is specifically designed to track complaints from customers to utility companies. Due to the high volume of customers that need to establish service, move service and disconnect service, there are many mistakes that are made on a routine basis.

A Little Background

Because of the volume of complaints, utility companies have to hire additional staff to keep up with the volume of complaints they receive. This is due in part to the volume of complaints, as well as training of staff resources. The BIS Utility Complaint Tracking Application is a robust software application that enables utility companies to effectively track consumer complaints from inception through resolution.

Customer complaints can be tracked by account number, name, address and various methods to make lookup fast and efficient. Dates that calls were logged, dates responses were initiated and other critical data is managed from within the software application. The end result is more efficient handling of complaints and greater customer satisfaction over time.


Utility Complaint Tracking has the following unique modules that it performs to help utility companies improve customer satisfaction:

  • Case tracking
  • Case Reporting
  • Public tracking and reporting
  • Statistical Analysis Reports
  • Messaging

Handheld data access can initiate a case and enter data to start the process. Handheld data access allows field personnel to lookup case status and resolution prior to going on site to a customer location. By doing so, the field utility worker knows the most up to date status on problem cases.