BIS’ Rental application has helped medium and large Event Specialists via improved visibility over the multi-location operation by knowing availabilities of stock for every item. During low stock periods a sophisticated sub-rental module allows real time communication between locations and outside vendors to provide the oversight needed in this most critical area. Your return on investment is short while your people enjoy the many features of this product.

A Little Background

The Rentals system is a turn-key solution which manages orders, customers, web presence, locations, fleet, inventory, and accounts.

Stay connected. The BIS Rentals application is powered by the most advanced database and application development environments, to ensure the highest level of data security and integrity; a turnkey solution to run your business more effectively and efficiently.

What’s in the box? Fully integrated into the application is a system which handles customer orders, inventory availability by day at each location, accounts receivable, purchasing, financial statements, general ledger, and sales analysis. Everything you need to manage your business effectively.

Customize it to your specific needs. Options include Point-of-Sale solutions, Warehouse Management solutions (track all aspects of the warehouse using handheld mobile devices), Document Management solutions (track and index all internally generated documents and images (including those precious event photos), and Dispatching using Route Optimization to track drivers and optimize their daily routes.


Customer Rental Entry

  • Consolidate Multiple Orders for one Event
  • Capability to Deliver Rented Merchandise from Several Locations
  • Discounts and Surcharges by Event
  • Event Price Quotations auto-e-mailed/Faxed
  • Flexible rental periods
  • Sell consumable items
  • Include Services
  • Strong sub rentals module using other locations companies has and/or outside vendors
  • Product components are differentiated so that customer facing documents do not contain these yet warehouse loading personnel do
  • On-Line Credit Card Authorization

Merchandise Inventory Control

  • Inter-Company Transfers
  • Plan, Track, and Control Sub Rentals
  • Real-time sub-rental fulfillment acknowledgement from other locations
  • Use Bar Coding for Delivery and Pickup
  • Merchandise supply/demand projections by user defined time intervals
  • Take inventory with wireless mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones

Warehouse Management

  • Picking lists supplied to pickers based on product categories and/or bin locations – speeds up the picking process
  • Event returns easily checked in by event or order and grouped by product categories
  • Breakage charges automatically generated for staff edits
  • Auto-emailing of invoices to customers when event has not been fully paid
  • Use of bar codes for all identified items

Accounts Receivable

  • Consolidated Customer Accounts
  • Event Billing and Cash Receipts
  • Summarized and Detailed Statements
  • Cash Control and Reconciliation by Location
  • On-Line Credit Card Authorization

Multiple Locations

  • Stay connected as the BIS Rentals application is designed with multiple locations in mind and may be operated within a browser
  • Consolidate and report information regarding events or view in detail for each order as well.

Integrated Applications

  • Purchasing, Inventory Control, Customer Orders, Accounts Receivable, Sales Analysis, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Financial Statements are all fully Integrated