Automatic Calling System (ACS) is a two-way automated telephone calling and message taking application software package for end users.

Some Background

The Mobile BIS Automatic Calling System (ACS) software can be easily programmed to dial local, long distance and international numbers for landline phones, cellular and smart phones. It can also dial and deliver a human or digital voice message and can personalize each call for diverse clients like retailers, police departments, jails and government entities.


Functions of the application package include outbound calling, collecting response data and triggering events based on end user responses to voice prompts.

Examples include order verification, asking customers to confirm orders by pressing 1 or 2 on their touch tone phones, then taking action based on that input (shipping order, or canceling order or triggering secondary call to verify order status). Another example might be having a store manager call his best customers to invite them to a special pre-release viewing of new products. The system would place the calls and collect RSVPs during the same phone call.

This software application is designed to boost productivity by automating placing voice calls without needing humans to make the calls.