Auto-generate images and documents while your implemented applications are running with proper indexes and searchable text all behind the scenes.

Of course, manual scanning and indexing of paper documents is also provided for. Once in the system, the search tools bring up the candidate documents you are looking for based on search text you provide.  Flexible annotations can be made.  Your documents can be stored on NAS devices as well as on your server drives.

The E-mail director accomplishes the same tasks while it reviews your emails and the attachments that are included.


This application operates in a browser environment so that you can accomplish these tasks from anywhere you may be.  Both scanning and searching is available to you.

The system automatically captures images and PDF’s, such as invoices, packing slips, bill of ladings, any report and generates different indexes in the background while the applications are processing what they have been designed to do.

It is fully flexible for you to set up your own indexes for each general category of documents.

An optional email text sniffer provides the same features and indexing as your emails are being reviewed as they are received.  Email attachments are also sniffed and properly indexed so that all emails, including their attachments, can easily be searched for specific content of interest.