BIS Computer Solutions’ Truckboard application allows drivers across the United States to log into the Truckboard app and see which loads can be beneficial for them to pickup and drop off base on the empty loads following their route drop off. The premier Oracle Database provides security for this driver information portal.

BIS Truckboard integrates with the advanced Google Maps providing an easy view of all data on a map, as shown below:

Map View:


(Figure 1)


(Figure 2)


(Figure 3)

Driver Maintenance: Updating driver information has been streamlined by utilizing a custom, easy to read detailed Dispatcher screen allowing seamless updates of information within this browser-based application from anywhere in the world.  Simply choose a point on the map or a truck from the display menu.


(Figure 4)

Search Module: The Search Module allows you to search for information and generate a report based on a number of searchable data elements. (For example: Driver by State by Availability.


(Figure 5)


(Figure 6 – Search Report)

A few more Details

Ease of Use of this application is BIS’ #1 priority, as shown below for the web pages.

  • Home Page – Login screen to connect to system
  • Dashboard  – Map view with points showing each truck (Figure 1)
    • Get Directions – This page is used to automatically generate printable directions based on information provided on the current location of the truck and a destination location provided by the dispatcher. (Figure 1) (Figure 2) (Figure 3)
    • Update Driver Information –The first screen you see if you click this button is a list view of all active trucks. The second screen displays detailed information about the current route. Please note that this screen is also accessible from the map view by clicking a bubble on the map, then pressing the “Update Driver Information” button inside the bubble. (Figure 4) (Figure 1)
    • Search for information and generate a Search Report (Figure 5) (Figure 6)
    • Refresh – This button is used to refresh the map with the latest information from all dispatchers
    • Update System Settings – This is the control panel of the interface. From here, system administrators manage all of the detailed controls of the website. This can include user account management, language management, truck list, statistics of site use, and more.